Do You Want to Be More Kind?

Follow this link for a December calendar with MANY thoughtful ways to show kindness in this Christmas season. What a great idea for families to share together kindness to others! Enjoy and Merry Christmas!  Thanks to the Corinne's website where I found this calendar with Random Acts of Kindness Christmas Calendar. Share, share alike!



Breakout EDU in October

Halloween is upon us folks and I wanted to share the different Halloween Breakout EDUs that I have located for some fun tomorrow. Three choices are found on the Breakout EDU site. Here they are listed: 

  1. The Monster Mash
  2. The Witches of Breakout
  3. Monster Mash Jr.
I located a fourth one that is called the Haunted House Escape from a Ms. Yeh. Be sure and give your students an opportunity to use their thinking skills to breakout tomorrow for Halloween. And...remind them to be safe!


Are You Ready for Back to School?

Welcome Back the the 2017-2018 School Year
Tech Talk blog has a guest contributor, Tania Jackson. She is one of our 4th grade teachers on the Mauriceville Elementary campus. I appreciate her allowing me to share her wonderful discoveries this summer that she promises will make your class run a bit smoother this year. Check out her tips below:

I have 3 quickies to share regarding the OneDrive app that I've discovered/been using!

  1. There's a free app for OneDrive! Once installed, you can view, send, and manipulate everything in your folders that are synced from your computer (your Cloud).  Makes for quick access!

2. Sometimes I need to move pics of my class that I've taken on my cell to my computer, and it's time-consuming because I usually end up emailing them to myself and it won't let you bulk too many!
Having the OneDrive app on your phone/tablet makes it easy!  You just select the picture, or pictures all at once, then "Send to" (the same button you'd use if sending the pic via text or email) and it gives your OneDrive as an option!  They're just added to your folders and accessible from any device!

3.  Sometimes I need to scan a document to put it on the SmartBoard or print or whatever!  First, open the app.  On the main screen OneDrive has a built in "Scanner" that turns any document you snap into a PDF and instantly adds it to your Cloud! I really like this function!
Click the + sign at the top right hand corner and choose "Scan" 

Thanks for taking the time to go through my tips! 

Tania Jackson
4th Grade/ MVE ☺


Need Help to Stifle Kid Boredom?

PS. Taken from the RIF site: Reading Is Fundamental!


Which Step are You On?

This time of year finds most educators reflecting on their year and taking strides on improving before the new year rolls around. Your highly qualified teachers are those who never stop learning or improving themselves. As most of us claim, we are "Life-Long Learners" and strive to better ourselves. Today, I came across a visual that I want to share. It speaks boldly and can be applied to many different circumstances in life. Which step are you on? Where do you "get stuck" most of the time?


Thank a Teacher Today, Don't Delay!

Teachers are amazing and have dedicated so much to teach our students. Many are mothers, grandmothers, aunts, uncles, etc. They have made many sacrifices throughout the year searching for lessons and new methods to engage today's students. Please take the time to thank a teacher today. Now is the time, don't delay. They need our encouragement and praise. We all would not be the person we are today without the teachers that have touched us in the past. I know I have had many who have influenced me and think of them often, even if some have gone on to meet our Lord. Bless you Teachers of today and the past. Oh, let's not forget about the Future teachers. They too, need our prayers.


Have You Heard of Apple Clips? Content Creation Tool


This easy tool will become a FAVE for educators!

Just ran across this FREE new app called "Apple Clips" that I think will blow away teachers! It has a simple interface, no complicated madness, and allows you to create simple videos that create captions automatically (can be edited too). I think it is worth checking out. I watched this video podcast from TeacherCast by Jeffery Bradbuty that explains more details. Then I read more information in the Apple Store. By the way, the dictation feature will not work on older ipads or devices.

Special thanks to Teacher Cast for sharing great tools for educators!



Review: Apple Clips App for iOS - teachercast.net
Apple Clips is a new video broadcasting experience that provides easy to use resources when editing video ... but is it the right tool for your classroom?


Interested in Learning Photoshop or Excel for FREE?

Hey friends! It has surely been too long since I have posted anything to share. I have missed blogging and sharing with you. Hopefully things will settle down and I can resume my posting in a more timely manner. Today, I ran across this awesome chance for anyone to brush up on Excel skills or learn Photoshop free! Thanks goes to my Twitter friend, Lisa Monthie who I was so thrilled to meet in person this past February. She is full of information and tips.


Where is YOUR next step?

Love to find little treasures on Twitter. Ran across this one today and thought it worthy to post here today! Have a great President's Day! Remember not to focus on your past failures, but always pick yourself up and look for that step forward (or upward)!


Do You Want to Encourage Reading?

Hello friends! Today I ran across a great online reading site to help encourage students to read more. It is called Epic! - Books for Kids and what is GREAT about it is that it is FREE for educators! All I did was fill out my school information online and was approved in no time. It did not take me 5 minutes and I was online listening to books being read aloud. Epic! recommends books for students (ages 1 - 12) and they offer have videos too. Teachers can set up different classrooms and earn points to get books and supplies for your classroom. Teachers may choose to add students and individualize their reading with assignments, quizzes, and activities. Epic! has a web version as well as apps from Apple or Google Play. Epic's goal has always been to empower children through reading and learning and they are in AWE of the many teachers that share this mission! Don't delay, check it out and you won't be disappointed. Look for the link LEARN MORE (small) to get to the Educator form. (See visual below)